Saturday, February 21, 2009

Listen: What Dust Told Human

Dear Human,

I write to you with inner most frustration on how you exist. Recently, the rate at which you live your life makes me wonder if you realize that you would still come back to me. Do you know you were beautifully constructed by an Artist who used me as an instrument? Yet you humans think you are more than that patient Artist and think you will never go underground.

I write to tell you that your new behaviours are appalling! I write to tell you that it's quite shameful when you forget where come from. In my movement around the earth I have seen things that have made me numb. Brothers killing brothers, sisters killing sisters, men of God killing in God's name, prostitution, diseases, avoidable tears, avoidable sicknesses, jealousy, pride, lust, fast money schemes, leaders who take pleasure in seeing their own followers wallow in pains, e.t.c. While all these take place, I begin to wonder if you know that you are made of dust. You are nothing! Everything you own is nothing! When you come back you will be nothing! So why do you think you are something on earth. Before you were, the earth was and after you, the earth will continue to exist. Remember friend, "Dust to Dust", never forget that, being!

One evening, as I was moving across the bustling streets of Lagos, a guy in a rickety looking Honda bashed a Navigator from behind mistakenly. The man from the Honda came out pleading with the "big guy” from the navigator but he refused. The following conversation ensued between them:
Honda Man: Please sir! It was a mistake, I am very sorry.
Big Man: Sorry, I can’t accept that! We have to sell your car to spray my own car, let me call my mechanic.....
Honda Man: Haba Oga, he never reach that one, it’s just a mere scratch.
Big Man: Will you shut up?! Don’t start! Do you know who i am?
I laughed at the big man and answered his question: he’s mere DUST. Do you know who you are human? Check yourself!

Yours Ordinarily,


  1. Mike,

    Enjoyed your post enormously and will recommend it to my friends. Keep up the good work.



  2. I really liked this. Puts life in context. Very well written.

  3. OMG, When will be the launch of your 1st novel? I'm so excited. What is it about? Anyways, I think this is my favorite post of yours so far! :)

  4. sometimes we need tis reminders...

  5. I like!!!! this certainly brings *LIFE* into perspective.

  6. very nice..we forget we are only but dust.

  7. reminds of a story in the Bible- actually a parable of a man who would not pardon a small debt owed to me and expected his creditor to forgive his own debt which was bigger.

    I cant understand why he's expect the Honda car to sell his car just spray paint another car.