Monday, April 20, 2009

Let’s Move Forward

I try to decipher the difference between the past and the future but this exercise is turning me into what I cannot explain. I ask my self many questions but I could not get any answer. Does the past decide the future? How can you forgive and forget people and yourself? History is a land where future lessons her learnt. My friends tell me that forget the past and move on but I ask: do we easily forget the past? To live in the present doesn’t mean that memory can be deleted.

How do people who loose loved ones move forward? How do people who have committed nefarious crimes move forward? How do you forget that HOLY man who slept with your wife? That guy who killed your only son? Will these kinds of events shape or mar one’s future. In other to move forward I believe one must suffer a little kind of pain. “No pain No gain”, or “no past no future”.

Let’s move forward. How? One of my best friends on face book said you have to be able to control your ego to move forward and hope for a better tomorrow. To an extent that’s true but how? You stand and confront your past but if you allow your past take a walk with you into the future then you’ll be doomed. I was once innocent, turned bad, and now I’m craving for those innocent pasts which I believe will move me forward. So? This world is a complex circle. Why do we need historians if the past is not important? What do we filter and keep?

When does one really draw the line? I really need some education I believe.