Wednesday, March 4, 2009

…EARTH………. 12PM…?!!!!!

Today was bore by yesterday
I shot the seed into the earth yesterday
And Today I am told to uproot
“Uproot!” They advised.
“Why did you plant?”, they asked.

12pm, I have decided to uproot
I cry when I think of uprooting
Uprooting the same seed I planted
As I uproot I shed tears and blood.
“Dig dig and dig”, they commanded.
I dug and they laughed.

But I have seen people harvest
Why can’t I?
I follow suit with shaky voice…
I would have loved the harvest.
I SWEAR! Am sorry!

Good bye unknown fruit, good bye seed
Will I see you again?

These is my sorry-heavy heart
Am sorry!
I will plant again!

SOB! SOB! It’s 12 P.M.