Wednesday, March 4, 2009

…EARTH………. 12PM…?!!!!!

Today was bore by yesterday
I shot the seed into the earth yesterday
And Today I am told to uproot
“Uproot!” They advised.
“Why did you plant?”, they asked.

12pm, I have decided to uproot
I cry when I think of uprooting
Uprooting the same seed I planted
As I uproot I shed tears and blood.
“Dig dig and dig”, they commanded.
I dug and they laughed.

But I have seen people harvest
Why can’t I?
I follow suit with shaky voice…
I would have loved the harvest.
I SWEAR! Am sorry!

Good bye unknown fruit, good bye seed
Will I see you again?

These is my sorry-heavy heart
Am sorry!
I will plant again!

SOB! SOB! It’s 12 P.M.



  1. hmmm thats quite deep and interesting!!

    Nice blog....

  2. mmm thats something. It hurts not to be able to harvest what you planted

  3. So who is forcing you to uproot the seed? i detect hidden meanings here but my brain is fighting me today.

    Nice blog, thanks for stopping by at mine xx

  4. One can write a story of out this, you know.

  5. Man, you’ve got ‘it’ and I see you doing this on a much bigger stage pretty soon. That was one helluva deep one. Hmmm, I could go over this a million times. Regret is unnecessary in whatever we do. The past is the past. The task is to make the present and the future better even if it means having to shut up and plant again and again. . . Meanwhile, I just heard from the grapevine that Geebee has been nominated on naijabloggersaward for BEST STUDENT BLOG. Please show this brova some love and go vote from 12 midnight today. Cheers.

  6. are you referring to nigeria?

  7. that was really good..

    thanx for stopping by!

  8. @naijadude: thanks
    @mogaji: it really hurts
    @word merchant: you can crack your brain then report what you understood
    @artsville: lets try it
    @geebee: nice thoughts will consider voting for u
    @buttercup: thanks

  9. This is insightful.Thanks for dropping by my blog. BTW, I am a woman not a man (lol)

  10. same here, found it interesting, thanks for stopping by mines

  11. why do i have the feeling that there are hidden meanings in this? hmmm, well nice blog and thanx for stoppoing by mine

  12. hey mike, after seeing you stop by my blog, i had to come check you out. i really like your writing style. you've truly got a lot of talent.
    i look forward to reading more in the future!

  13. lol@ wordmerchant's comment...I think i have an idea but i'm not sure..Forgive my uncomprehensiveness (is that a word?? lol)
    Love the way you write anyway..

  14. off the hook man.. really deep man.. thx for stopping by

  15. Awww, really nice and very deep poem! I love it!! Good job! :)

  16. Why does this make me think of abortions and never to be born babies? How the fear of society's recrimination forces young people who've made poor choices to make uninformed decisions. And how the system in Nigeria offers little or no help to such people. Even with this i can still find a million and one interpretation to this poem. Served hydra-headed, just the way i like it.

  17. Hmm, this can apply to God knows how many things. It reminds me of Bob Marley's song:

    "...everytime I plant a seed, he says kill them before they grow"

  18. this about a woman you got pregnant?

  19. whats

  20. I love d simplicity of dis,yet very deep..And it speaks volumes too,wonder what inspired u to write dis.. U wanna come tell me in secret?

  21. it kinda sucks when you've put your heart and soul into something and then you're snatched away from it... or it's taken away... there's a reason for everything... one can only continue to remain positive/optimistic and keep doing what you do best...