Monday, June 22, 2009

A letters to all Bloggers

Dear bloggers,

It has been a while since I posted anything worth reading on this blog page. The reason—there are so many things happening in the world that deciding on what to write about is a difficult task.

However, I decided to call on bloggers to come together and preach ‘Stop the Violence’ all around blogsville and globally. People are dying my friends, chaos is resting peacefully in the corners of the earth and children are the most affected beings of violence.

May I state it categorically that another human’s unhappiness rubs on other people’s happiness unconsciously! When those children in the Middle East cry for peace, don’t you hear their cries? When those children in Africa die of starvation do you think your rosy and robust children’s future is safe? When mothers loose children to avoidable violence do you think you are at peace? Look around you and speak the truth! There is a modicum of violence around you. What are you doing about it? What?

Please join the group “Stop The Violence” on Face Book so that we can help others shout for peace. Safety in America is safety for Africa; safety in the Middle East is safety for Europe. Friends, time is now. Preach against violence because the future is now. Why are we rough “adult” beasts bent on crippling the dreams of the growing infants?

I’ll see you in peace land hopefully in the nearest future.

Your Blogger,