Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Testimony Time

I have come here to testify
About my sad-happy life
About that life which is wretched
Filled with sprawling pains

Don't mind my looks
Mind my testimony
Don't my threadbare shirt
It's part of my testimony

The testimony is sweet
When you swallow something bitter;
Yes! I have been blessed with curses of
Poverty, sickness and hunger

Some say I am like a dry Iroko tree
Is it not a testimony?
Am I still not breathing
I still like my outlined skeleton in my skin

Thanks for your applause
Thank you! Thank you!
May you always be like me
May you walk the path


Have you forgotten that saying

When I Die

When I die
Do not let the tears stroll
Do not let the face wear a new look
Keep it like the moon
Open the Brightness of your smile

When I die
Do not lay wreath
My exit brings wealth
Guide your steps with tenderness
Because I lived tenderly

When I die
Do not ice me
Do not cage me
Let me go freely
For Freedom is Bold

When I die
Do two things:
Pluck the stars in the sky
Share It around the earth
Then I will rest in peace

Thoughts From A Mind

Can you fathom the happenings in Zimbabwe? I often wonder what these African leaders think we are. Animals? Everyday, on the news, I see my distant brothers and sisters dying of hunger and diseases. I see over baked tears in the mind of dying mothers. What must be done to cancel this menace. I weep for hope because some hopes are been buried. I cry for knowledge because they are in the minds of those on the path to avoidable doom. I pray for a peaceful world but i have been scorned. My friend, once said, "You better add fasting!" I will do that!!!! How do we preach positivity to a hungry body? How do you preach to the mind when the physical body is deprived of physical needs? Teach me!! So that I can teach these people who make up my Africa