Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Journey Untold

A word is enough for the wise but some words, also, are not too much for the foolish. I have journeyed across seas, lands, airs and I was made the messenger of their anger. I refused, initially. Then, they began to wail.
Far away in Africa, I saw the trees shed tears of yellow leaves. Across the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Artic and the Arabian oceans, I saw different beings shedding arsenic tears. And when I got to the cold regions, I saw the bears and the penguins feeling so hot and complaining about their impending doom. While I flew in the air, I saw various birds lamenting about their dying space. I pretended not to notice their pains. One of them asked me a question that made me listen to their request. He said:
‘Aren’t we made to exist peacefully amongst each other?’
‘Yes’, said I.
And he wept.
‘Listen to our stories and be our messenger?’ Another one requested.
So, I accepted and agreed to listen. After listening, I felt pains and began to shed new tears. They mocked me and said I am the same thing as you and that I would not relate the message to you. I promised. I told them I would relate the message to whoever cared to listen.
‘We would be watching you.’ The king of trees said.
With trepidation and with an attempt to maintain the trust they gave me, I would relate their story. Listen.
In the beginning, they claimed, that they were made before you. Everything made was beautiful, according to He who lived beyond the clouds. Then He made you take charge of the green land, blue waters, azure skies and the clean air. They said you have turned it upside down. You have turned day to night and night to day. You have made the air foul and unbearable. Time would come, they threatened, everything would be total darkness and void as it was before you came to destroy it.
Their story was short. The journey untold was revealed. I have delivered their message to you. Those who have ears would listen to their cries and those who have eyes should see what they have said. As the messenger, I have begun to reason.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

one love

It is as simple as it is said: one love. Love yourself and pass the love you have on yourself to other people you meet everyday. It's not hard.

It is hard when you don't love your self. It is complex when you think loving that guy or lady with a different colour or complexion is different from you.It is dangerous when you wake up in the morning without a smile.

I love you and you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

the bitter fruit

beauty is my characteristics
beauty was my feature
destruction is my future
sweetness my bitterness

my movement retrogression
i blossom in pain
pain whispers to me
i run and as i run
i was latched twice

my blood jumped out and floated in air
it came back but didn't enter the same place
it perched shyly on my body
i screamed with pain to their joy

their joy say am bitter
cut her off
she is bitter they said sweetly

i am dizzy
i leave bitter
leaving my sweetness

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

words from a heart

it's 1:34 am
it's cold
cold creeps cautiously covered concretely caressing
can't sleep
my fingers wake up typing unconsciously these words
a frame of you stands shattered in my mind
i wake from my sleeplessness to commute with my mind
there you are
smiling and causing me pain
lit my cigarette
my lungs ache from smoking
but how can i exhale the pain you painted in my heart
we saw that future together
we saw it
i saw it
can't type again
to bed sleepless again
are you sleeping now
i will try to sleep after this stick
it's burning away
my chest aches
my mind aches

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. Mirror

Mirror! Mirror on the wall,
how many secrets does thou hold?

Mirror! Mirror in the bathroom,
are you male or female?

Mirror! Mirror!
would you not tell me how many nakedness thou at seen?

Mirror! Mirrow in the tiolet,
would you not tell me how many bloods have been washed

Mirror Mirror!
allow me a journey into your ears
thus i can hear stories of many past years.

Mirror! Mirror!
tears,joys, fears, warnings to your face
ugliness is beauty
beauty is ugliness

Mirror I wait and think what you know
tell me, Mr. Mirror!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


as i move forward
i look backward
as i feel happy
i feel sad
as i feel loved
i feel hated
as i live
i think i will die
as i pursue my goal
ma goal runs away from me
as i look for love
love turns away
the wind whistles empty news to me
i still hear the worlds
the tree lies down by my bedside
it will not grow again
it will wither
my mind is playing in the air
will pursue it in vain
it's lost
as i seek help
i get the other side
i am lonely
but i will talk to the loneliness
it speaks you know

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dear Blog Page,

Am very sorry that i left you blank it has been due to some issues beyond my control.

I am back. I have many things to tell you only if you promise me that you have forgiven me. I missed you

Yours truly