Tuesday, November 17, 2009

words from a heart

it's 1:34 am
it's cold
cold creeps cautiously covered concretely caressing
can't sleep
my fingers wake up typing unconsciously these words
a frame of you stands shattered in my mind
i wake from my sleeplessness to commute with my mind
there you are
smiling and causing me pain
lit my cigarette
my lungs ache from smoking
but how can i exhale the pain you painted in my heart
we saw that future together
we saw it
i saw it
can't type again
to bed sleepless again
are you sleeping now
i will try to sleep after this stick
it's burning away
my chest aches
my mind aches


  1. I cant imagine how many times i feel this way..Nice poem..

  2. Wow,that was very raw,straight from the heart right? :)

  3. @trybes the pain is real man
    @smiley: real from d heart

  4. wow, m1ke, that must be some serious pain. Is it weird that I think I can feel a little of it from the way you right? This is really good.

  5. sounds like a lot of pain
    i know this feeling a little too well, but the beautiful way you captured it is awesome...
    in a very sad way
    everythings gonna get better
    take care of u ok?

  6. oh my word
    this is .....
    i have no words

  7. Wow! I almost feel the pain....I know this might sound like a cliche but everything happens for a reason. It'll get better.

  8. Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it.

    Lovely poem, very deep.

  9. You write very well. Kudos and thanks for the comments on my blog.

  10. ..'my lungs ache from smoking
    but how can i exhale the pain you painted in my heart...
    Liking that part.
    Thanks for dropping by at mine's. Hope to see more of your works.

  11. raw,heart-wrenching and evokes deep feelings..

    hope you find the strength to move past this point

  12. Very beautiful and sad poem!

  13. really words from d heart!

    great piece.

  14. awww first time on here and i am wowed - sorry, i hope u feel better soon

    thanks for commenting on my blog