Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Wahala

As a big fan of history, I quickly dropped the work i was doing in my office, to watch history take place. I ran to the reception to join other staff watching our "own" Obama make history! My oga, the workaholic, comes out ranting, "is this what you get paid for?" Ok. We went back to work grudgingly. The guy(oga) goes to take a leak and we rushed out again to continue our Obamania wonder!? Oga comes back to meet us again............... the guy smiles and says "Ha! this guy can inspire people o!" The guy  takes an automatic sitting position then joined the scorned. The focusless scorner. Promise, the errand boy in my office, utters in low tones, "this oga na old fool, so him ma wan watch Barack become president of US. He senior Baarack by far but the man get money and popular pass am, see him bald head, na to dey send message he sabi......." 

My oga starts clapping as Obama delivered his speech. After the speech, the man just closed for the day. Quite unusual! He leaves after everybody. Wetin Happen?

Promise: the guy wan go think about him life.


  1. nice blog!! t hanks for visiting mine

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I no blame you for trying to be part of history. Me sef was glued to the tv. It was a phenomenal inauguration.

  3. lolllllllllll@automatic sitting position' b4 nko? no be Oga :)